Add event.created webhook

We want to be 100% sure that our events have been created as our revenue depends on it. The current system optimizes for throughput by enqueuing a Sidekick job in Redis to create the event. Depending on the Redis configuration, there is a possibility of losing data if Redis crashes before the job can be worked. And unfortunately many cloud providers limit what configuration options are available.

We would love to have a confirmation that the event is safely stored in Postgres. One way to achieve this would be to send our webhook endpoint an event.created webhook with the event that has been created. Then we can update our system to mark the outgoing billing event as “created_in_billing_system” or whatever.

We are willing to submit a PR if this is something Lago wants to support.

Initially posted here: [FEAT]: add event.created webhook · Issue #48 · getlago/lago · GitHub