Assign multiple plans to single user


Is it possible to assign multiple plans to a single user? (if there is multiple product plans)

Hey @PJijin,

Thanks for asking, for now our model allow to have one plan to a single user but it could be really interesting to understand this need. Can you explain us what’s the case behind it please?


In my case, there are two types of products, each with different pricing. One customer can subscribe for multiple items. It is possible to solve the problem by two lago platforms. But I think there are some other uses too.

  • if the subscription is related to servers / hosting / team license. In that case, one customer can have multiple plans.

And one more doubt: If i set “Pay the plan in advance” option On, when I add a plan to the customer does it generate an invoice? I have created a plan with 24$ monthly and one billable metric (not using, just created a demo one). and added the plan to the customer. And when I check invoices there is one with the amount “USD 6.40”

Hi @PJijin - thanks for the clarification!

When you say ‘different pricing’, does it mean that:

  • Each product has its own subscription fee; and
  • Each product includes different charges (i.e. different billable metrics)?

Yes, it does generate an invoice that covers the rest of the billing period. For example, if the subscription started on 23 June:

8 days until the end of the month (incl. 23 June) x $24 / 30 days in June = $6.40

Additional charges will then be invoiced at the end of the billing period, based on aggregated events.

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Yes. Each product has different plans and billable metrics.

Single customers can purchase multiple items too. Eg: like In that case, the user can have multiple Dynos.

Thanks, @PJijin - this is very helpful.

@Michael_Lago and the Product team are currently scoping this feature, so we’ll let you know when we add it to the roadmap.

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